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Among the top printer models, Epson always stands ahead with its outstanding features and specifications. Using the best Epson printer makes all your Print jobs much easier, maybe with a little assistance from Epson customer service.

Epson Printer Models 2019

Laser and Inkjet being the most popular Epson printers it’s time to choose the one that suits your budget. Laser printers will have the toners whereas Inkjet printers always use compatible Ink Cartridges.

Check Out the Latest and Best Epson Printer Models That Include

Epson Workforce WF-7720 wireless all in one printer

 Expression Eco tank wireless color all in one printer

Epson workforce wireless mobile printer

                   Picture mate 400 compact photo printer

Epson Artisan wireless color wide format Inkjet printer

Epson Workforce WF-7720 wireless all in one printer

Epson M200 multifunction Inkjet printer

Epson workforce M100 Inkjet printer

Each of the above models arrives with unique features and specifications and suits all your print jobs. Speak to our Epson customer service team to get an idea

Epson Printer Setup Guide

Brand new Epson models that you buy require initial or guided setup steps and here are the instructions offered by our Epson customer service team

  •  First-time printer setup

    • If it is a first-time printer setup take out the device from the package and connect all the necessary cables
    • Slide the power cable to power up your device
    • Search for protective tapes that surround the printer and remove it
  • Load the paper to start printing

    • Select good quality papers and place it in your paper input tray
    • Open the document or photo which you want to print and make use of print icon visible on your device display screen
  • Cartridge Installation

    • Purchase latest cartridges to use with your Epson printer and here is the high capacity288 XL that is widely preferred
    • For installation open the cartridge access door
    • If the cartridge is installed suggest you navigate to the Home button
    • Select the option maintenance and then choose the Ink cartridge replacement option
    • Now choose the cartridge and then tap on OK button to install the cartridge
    • Always check if the cartridge alignment is secure
  • Connect your device to Network

    • Latest Epson printer models will have WI-Fi protected setup, Wi-Fi Infrastructure mode setup and Wi-Fi direct mode setup
    • Select any one of the compatible methods and execute the wireless setup guide
    • Disconnect the USB cable connected your device if you prefer wired network connection
  • Epson Printer software

    • Get the compatible Epson Printer software and our Epson customer service team always suggest visiting our Epson customer support page
    • Select the Epson software update tool on your device navigating to Applications > Epson software > Epson software update
  •  Wi-Fi Infrastructure-Direct-Protected mode setup

    • This setup includes using a wireless router connected to your printer and computer
    • Select the Wi-Fi settings from your screen and tap on the Ok button to connect the device to the Network
    • If the Epson printer models that you use have Wi-Fi Direct mode select it from the menu bar and tap on the Ok button
    • Use WPS enabled router and select the option, WPS on your router
    • Once you enable the option, choose the Wi-Fi setup option from the screen and press the OK button on the screen

Epson Driver & Software Download

Epson printer users who would like to install matching & compatible software, there exist multiple software and driver download methods. It’s your interest to opt for compatible method. Moreover, without valid and updated software it’s hard to proceed with the setup process

How to Download the Compatible Epson Software for Windows

  • To begin with, we recommend you to visit Epson software download page to find matching software
  • Epson customer support page is where you can get the software
  • Recommend you to provide the required data in the required space
  • Now, the product name & operating system version should be provided navigating to the search tab
  • If you are a windows user, type windows operating system version
  • You must however, wait for Epson software search results to appear on your screen
  • After which, make the software selection and then, click on the download tab
  • Cross check & verify finally that the downloaded software version is the latest and updated one

Epson Printer Drivers for MAC

For Mac operating system, its good if you use Espson connect. Cross check and verify if Epson connect printer setup utility tool is already available. If not you can proceed with download visiting Epson support main page

  • Proceed with executing the setup steps and accept software license agreement
  • And then, choose Epson product name
  • Click on the settings, Epson software > Tap on Epson Connect Printer setup
  • Finally, create an Epson account; register your Epson printer to proceed with device setup guide

Epson printer drivers for MAC and Epson printer drivers for Windows errors often popup and it’s good to check the software compatibility and status of network connection

Require more guidance for Epson printer driver download speak to our network team ringing the customer support number


Setup wizard

Choose the wireless setup wizard option and begin following all the instructions explained by our Epson customer service team

How to Print Using your Epson Printer

 The print settings for Epson printers always depend upon the operating system version that you use (Mac or Windows operating system)

  • To print from your computer ensure that the initial or guided printer setup is done
  • Select the document which you want to print
  • Fix the document size and settings
  • Choose the number of copies that you want to print using the respective settings

Select the Required Settings

  • Change the print size, adjust color, contrast, brightness and a lot more visiting the layout and print settings
  • Tap on the print option after making the compatible print settings to start printing your documents
epson cloud printing

Mobile Printing Options

As mobile printing options are widely preferred we have Air print and cloud print features to use Epson printers. With air print-enabled mobile devices such as iPad, iPod and iPod touch you can print your documents using Epson printers. To use the feature, select the document which you want to print, connect both your mobile device and printer to the network, enable the Air Print feature and start printing

Cloud Printing

To use cloud print feature set up a good speed network connection. Ensure that both devices are on the same network. Now verify the IP address of your device. Also, locate the cloud printing option to select it. The last and final step is to register your Epson printer and print a test page to check if the cloud printing feature is active

Epson Scan Software Download

Scan your document using Epson printers and it’s good that you will get excellent scan results. Get an idea of scan instructions and try executing it

Let us explain you how to execute scan process

Without matching & compatible scan software, it’s really hard to execute Epson printer scan process. To get compatible or matching scan software, start your search to find Epson scanner driver download page. Open the software to scan placing scan side facing scanner glass. Color, greyscale and black and white are three options available. Set the required scan settings and personalize your device display screen

Scan software compatible to use with Epson

The software’s compatible to use with Epson printers are many and include Epson Scan smart software, Epson scan utility, Epson Print and scan software and lot more. Find the matching software navigating to the official webpage & begin your search providing the required information. Personalize the software settings as per your requirement and verify the Software compatibility before you proceed with the download process


What to do if the scanner is not working?

  • If scanner is not working, uninstall scanning software; check  for software compatibility and update it to latest version
  • Verify scan settings of Epson printer & ensure that it is accurate and valid

What if you come across scan software errors?

If you end up with issues or errors once you proceed with Epson scan download, check & verify scanning software and network speed that you prefer. Make a note that software version differs for Windows and Mac operating system

For more assistance & to get further updates, recommend you to contact our Epson customer service team and wait until our agents contact you

Epson Scan 2

  • Among the scan software available for your Epson printer Epson scan 2 is widely used
  • Once if you have the software installed on your device it will automatically scan and save the files incompatible PDF formats

Common Epson error codes and its cause

  • As the error codes such as 001, 109,110, 201 appear on your screen, it’s the indication to troubleshoot your Epson printer
  • Epson error codes are many and you need to identify the error code before you begin troubleshooting
    1. Error code 001- Power failure
    2. Code 109- Fax error
    3. Error code 201- Device Memory failure
    4. 304 and 405- Errors that pop up as you save your documents
    5. Error code 341- Communication error

Troubleshoot your Epson printer

Epson printer troubleshooting tips are many and it’s important to choose compatible one to resolve Epson printer problems. As you ring ourEpson printer support phone numberand wait, our team of certified experts will contact you any time

  • To start with delete all your existing print jobs
  • The Ink level should not be low if so you can try installing a new cartridge
  • Clean your print head to ensure that there are no dust or smears that accumulate
  • Navigate to the Maintenance settings to find the options – Print Head Nozzle Check, Print Head Cleaning, Ink Cartridge Replacement, Print head alignment
  • Validate Epson printer settings printing a test page
  • Use existing scan tools such as HP print and scan doctor to get rid of threat files or malware that affect your device
  • Reset or restart your device
  • Disable all the Firewall software that you use
  • Always place the documents properly before you start your print jobs
  • Close all the background programs running on your device display screen
  • Always use good quality Epson Ink to avoid blur or unclear print outs
  • Place your device on a flat surface and ensure that all the connections are secure
  • Check the Internet server that you use to get rid of the Network connectivity issues
  • Update the device firmware or software for your Epson printer model
  • Select the exact paper size before you start printing
  • The device memory space should be sufficient or else you can try improving the memory space
  • Do not place the device close to other electronic devices as you print or scan your documents
  • Print a test page to verify and ensure that the printer settings are accurate
  • Also, try resetting the device to its factory default settings
  • Try not to miss any of the instructions of setup wizard or printer setup instructions

Service That We Offer  

We have an Epson customer service team certified to answer any type of customer queries. It is our vision is to offer the best support to all our customers and the support that we offer include

  • Assistance or guidance to set up your Epson printer
  • Our Epson customer service teamhelp you to troubleshoot or resolve Epson printer scan, copy and fax errors
  • Provide you updates on the best Epson models that you can buy
  • Instructions to install the cartridges on your printer, fill the Ink if the Ink level is low
  • On the positive side, we explain you the steps to download and install the compatible software for your Epson printer

 Navigate to our website and make a note of the customer support number to speak to our Epson customer service team


In summary, with the objective of informational purpose only, all the data about the printer setup process are provided. We are an independent support company, which is operating with the goal of supplying support services to the users. Thereby, it is always better for the users to read & understand all our policies to avail the services.