Epson Printer App

Reach out to Epson Connect to find the ideal Epson Printer App for your device. With Epson’s mobile printing and scanning solutions, users can print wirelessly from the iPhone, iPad, smartphone and computer directly to the printer. The company’s mobile solutions are easy to use and whether you are stationed across the globe or just in your room, outputs are made extremely easy with the app.

Features of the Epson Printer App

Print nearby by logging into your device and connecting to the same Wi-Fi, the printer is connected to accomplish printing from any location and send it to the Epson printer’s email ID directly comes with a powerful mobile assistant. That lets you do more than just print all your saved documents, multiple photos, web pages, access files from the cloud, replenish printer ink, transfer files from and to mobile devices.

Types of Epson Printer Apps

There are a range of mobile printing and scanning solutions offered by the company.

Epson Printer App

Epson Printer App

Amazon Fire Printing

  • Compatible with printers and all-in-ones for home, photo printers for home, and printers and all-in-ones for work
  • Get the app to print documents, photos, events and emails from your Kindle Fire tablets to the printer
  • Use your Amazon Fire Tablet whether you are at home or in the office to accomplish printing
  • The app helps you discover any connected printers close by, making it easy for you to gather your output
  • With no setup requirements, and equipped with built-in wireless printing print straight out of your Kindle at any time

Apple AirPrint

  • Meant for your iPad and iPhone, download the app to print all your emails, photos and other documents right out of your i-device
  • Without the requirements of cables, additional connectivity and software downloads the app enables the Apple device to connect directly with any AirPrint-enabled printer through the wireless
  • The feature is compatible across all Epson printers

Epson Creative Print App for iOS and Android

  • Share all your personal messages and photos through the Creative Print App that also allows you to print directly from social media
  • Gather all your photos to create a collage out of your mobile device and from Instagram
  • Create customized stationery and greeting cards and turn them into coloring book templates

Email Print

  • Send an attachment to your printer’s Email ID for output from wherever you are
  • You can send important documents, photos and files
  • Turn on the Approved Senders List or change the email address of your printer
  • The email address for your printing device is unique
  • Whether you are in a remote location or nearby – print from wherever you are
  • The app is extremely easy and convenient to use

Epson Remote Print

  • From wherever you are, accomplish powerful desktop printing as the app improves the reach of your laptop and computer
  • Without worrying about formatting or font issues, Remote Print improves the power of your device
  • Send your data by clicking on either File or Print and send it to any Epson printer across the globe
  • The facility provides you with a full-featured driver that allows you to print remotely
  • Even if you are traveling or in the office, print from your computer to the printer
  • The app also offers a wide range of print options and displays compatibility with a range of operating systems and Epson Printers

Epson Printer App for Android

  • You can accomplish a range of tasks with the efficient and powerful Epson iPrint app for Android
  • Access and print files from your DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft Note and much more
  • Share your files online and print from an Epson printer near you

Setup Wireless on the Printer

  • To accomplish printing from the iPrint app, you must mainly confirm that both the Android device and the printer are on a similar network
  • From the Epson iPrint App choose Printer is not selected. Tap here to select a printer
  • Thereafter go to the local tab and select your printer name
  • If the printer is not visible, click on Search -> this should help you visualize your printing device

Manually Adding

  • Choose the Manual IP tab to add the printer to the network manually
  • Click Add -> enter printer’s IP address ->Done

You can also connect to a remote printer using the Epson Email Print. Call our agents @ +1-844-487-1390 or visit Epson Customer Service to know the variety of ways in which you can use the Epson Printer app.

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