Epson Printer Driver Setup

Get started with the best printer to print quality documents in no time and follow the steps given below to configure the Epson printer driver.

Setting Up the Internet

  • The first and foremost step is to connect your printer on a wireless or wired network to commence with the software and driver installation
  • Make use of the USB connection if you are configuring the printer newly as it will keep the process simple
  • You can remove the USB cable right after you complete the Epson printer driver setup and move forward with the instructions given below
  • The control panel of the Epson printer will come handy when you walk through the wireless setup
  • Remember that you need to gather some of the important details like Service Set Identifier (SSID) or WEP passphrase to complete the wireless setup right away

Find the Process of Epson Printer Driver Download

Here is the important information about the Epson printer driver setup which you have been longing to know. You might think that the process is hard but this is one of the simplest tasks that you can ever execute and all you have to do is, follow the instructions available below to complete the Epson printer driver setup on a successful note.

Epson printer driver setup

Epson printer driver setup

If you Have an Installation CD, then Driver Setup is a Piece of Cake

As of now, you can relax completely because the installation CD will have the software you require. You can just tag along with the directives to setup the driver

  • Turn on your computer, printer, and router and check whether the connections between them are safe and secure
  • Now it’s time to kick-start the software driver setup using the installation CD on your desktop
  • Locate the CD or DVD driver in your desktop and then insert the installation CD to progress with the Epson printer driver configuration
  • You can change the language settings when the onscreen prompts necessitate you to do so
  • Execute the printer driver on the desktop as admin and follow the onscreen prompts to complete
  • It is not only about following the onscreen prompts but you should also read the underlying terms and conditions prior to agreeing to them
  • The printer configuration is successful if you progress as given above and be vigilant while executing each and every step

If you Don’t Have the Installation CD, Here is What You Can Do

Some users might have lost the installation CD that is available along with the printer. That’s totally okay and this information is for those who are finding it difficult to configure the driver

  • Normally, technical experts suggest installing the driver via internet even if you have the installation CD
  • It is because the website will let you include the most recent software version
  • Whereas the installation CD might have an outdated software
  • Finish the download process by visiting the Epson website as it will comprise of several drivers that are essential for your printer and computer
  • When you visit the printer model list page, just select the name of your printer and proceed
  • Explore the Software and driver page and take your own time to choose the type of driver you want
  • Moreover, it is your responsibility to choose the operating system if the web page finds it hard
  • You can also utilize the Epson product setup tool
  • This incorporates important printer accessories for configuration and troubleshooting as well

How to Update the Epson Printer Driver Software

For those who have this question in mind, should certainly read the below directives

  • Make use of the Epson download navigator which will help you to find instant updates of software when it is available
  • Epson printer driver will itself incorporates this utility tool and there is no need for separate installation of this tool
  • Moreover, you can prefer the Download navigator tool which researches about the Epson printer driver firmware and other utilities for regular updates on recent software availability
  • You can also check manually in the Main menu and update the software from the Downloads tab

For further information, you can reach out to us at the toll-free number +1-844-487-1390 or visit Epson Customer Service.

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