Epson’s multifunction printers are all-in-ones that come with a copier, scanner and Wi-Fi Direct facilities. Some of the leading printer models are the WF-4730, XP-15000, WorkForce Pro, XP-440 and the XP-6000. These printers are sturdy, long-lasting and extremely budget-friendly. Printer setup does not require much effort. Make sure you download the appropriate Epson Printer Drivers for your device from the manufacturer’s website. In case you do not wish to use the CD Rom, this action is exclusive.

Epson’s Stylus range of printers are also resourceful all-in-one wireless printers that can be installed without the requirement of a CD Rom.

Epson Printer Software Setup

  • You do not have to use the bundled Epson Net Setup
  • Instead, connect the printer and use it through the cable LAN or wireless from the OS functions and the control panel
  • The above is useful when the printer has already been installed through the USB and you do not possess the Epson software CD Rom
  • Install the necessary Epson Printer Drivers and software into the computer, first

Epson Printer Drivers Online

Epson Printer Drivers

Epson Printer Drivers

  • If you are using the web to download the drivers, open a compatible internet browser on your computer
  • Go to the support section of the manufacturer’s website
  • Type the name of the product against the Find support for any product field
  • On the next screen scroll down till you visualize the Drivers and Downloads section
  • Expand the list by clicking on the arrow next to Epson Network Software & Driver Package

Running the File

  • Thereafter, to download the software, you just have to click on the Download button
  • Typically, on a Windows computer, the browser will ask you if you wish to Save or Run the file
  • You can also choose to run the file from here
  • Allow the file to decompress – the screen will also change automatically
  • Agree to the license by checking the box and then clicking on Next


  • On the next screen, check the box against Install Latest Version (Recommended)
  • Click on Next
  • Sometimes a message stating Your Operation System does not support this software. is displayed
  • This means that you have to update your OS to the latest version before proceeding
  • Otherwise, you will visualize a Preparing for Installation screen

Epson Software installation

  • You know that the Epson Printer Drivers installation is successful when you see the Select Software Installation screen
  • Here, click on the radio button against Install Application Software
  • To change the scanner’s connection settings you may want to choose the Re-install the essential software screen
  • The Installing Network Utilities screen is visualized indicating
  • Thereafter, a Setup Complete screen is displayed after which you can click on Next

Epson Printer Drivers with CD ROM

  • First, insert the CD Rom into the computer’s disk drive
  • Tick the box against the end user license agreement to consent to the given rules
  • On the next screen check on both the fields:
  • Install the Latest Version (Recommended) and the Printer Status and Automatic Updates (Recommended)
  • Thereafter, follow steps just as charted above to unzip the software

Fitting for the First Time

  • If the printer is being installed for the first time, then the First Time Installation? Screen will appear
  • Click on Yes: First Time Setup
  • Unpack the printer and remove all the materials placed around it for its protection
  • To avoid any injury, you must remove all the matter from inside the scanner unit and close the lid gently
  • Connect the enclosed power cable to the printer and an electrical socket

Power and Cartridges

  • Press the Power button on the control panel of the printer to turn it on
  • Thereafter, select country, time and location
  • Open the scanner unit and install the cartridges
  • Click the cartridges into their places firmly – you may have to shake the black cartridge alone a couple of times before you place it in
  • Close the lid of the scanner and then proceed with the Epson printer drivers and software setup as above

Connecting the printer device

  • You may choose to connect the device through the Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet Connection or a USB Connection
  • If you choose Wi-Fi connection, then first check if the router is connected to a phone line
  • Make a note of your SSID and password – usually, this is behind or below the hub
  • For a Windows XP computer, you can setup the Wi-Fi manually by choosing Manual Wi-Fi setup

Inquire with our experts about accomplishing the Epson Printer Drivers and software setup for your system @ +1-844-487-1390 or visit Epson customer service.

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