Epson Printer Not Printing Black Ink

The company which put together the “Micro-Piezoinkjet technology for their printers was the Seiko Epson Corporation. Using the piezoelectric technology that’s far superior in terms of printing atop the pages, Epson grew its brand of printers with the aim of integrating technology with ecology.

The growth of the printer in the global market was the result of the printers being stylish, and versatile for both the office and domestic needs.

Nevertheless, each gadget no matter how magnificent in their making can often undergo a few tweakable problems.

One of them being that the Epson printer not printing black ink.

Users even though face problems with this printer, prefer to use it post repair due to its satisfactory outcomes towards the economy. In actuality, these printers are extremely economical for public users.

Epson Printer Not Printing Black

The reason for the Epson printer not printing black can vary according to the situation. Some of the causes can be –

  • Printer Installation Issues
  • Detection of Printer Problem
  • Compatibility and configuration problems
  • Slow printing speed
  • Jamming of the paper or spooler error
  • Quantity of ink being low or toner flaw
  • Driver installation faux pas or miscellaneous error
  • Wi-Fi attributed problem
  • The overall printing quality being inferior

Emphasis on the Following

  • If the Epson printer has been used for a long time, chances of the original printer head being replaced with compatible ones are high
  • It won’t matter if the cartridge used is original
  • The cleaning cycle will fail to resolve the blockage of the few blocked nozzles
  • Another causative reason for Epson printer not printing black ink is that users fail to change the cartridge of the color till the black empties, leading to air being filled in the nozzles post drying

An Overview of One of the Few Causes Can Be Looked for are

  • Paper being Jammed
  • A requirement of Printer Reset
  • Printer head needing a cleanup
  • Use troubleshoot to solve the software issue
  • Re-install the printer software if necessary

Corrective Solution 1

In order for you to successfully restore your Epson printer back to normal follow from the Epson printer not printing black ink problem,

  • Power off the printer. Use a restorative solution such as Windex, or distilled water in a sponge to suck out the excess ink. This is done mainly because Epson printer head components are made with high precision
  • Run a cleaning cycle on the printer. This unlocks the printer head assembly position, thus allowing you to move it forth and back easily. Move the printer head to the center and then to the right delicately
  • Again, saturate the sponges using an eyedropper and fill it up with the restorative solution
  • Keep the printer at rest for a minimum of fifteen minutes before turning it on
  • Finish up by cleaning away the excess liquid and slide back the printer head assembly into its initial resting position

 Corrective Solution 2

  • Expose the right side of the printer which contains the motherboard
  • Reinsert the two white cables into position
  • Unhook the USB cord is connected to the PC
  • Remove the cartridges for and unplug from power source also
  • Patiently wait for about 60 seconds or more
  • Reinstate the power button, and allow the device to reboot on its own specification
  • When prompted reinstate the cartridges
  • If the error message still persists, then it’s preferable to contact the Epson services

Preventive Measures

In order to prevent the re-occurrence of the Epson printer not printing black ink problem, some tips are listed below.

  • Avoid excess amount of ink on the printer head by running  three cleaning cycles
  • Prevent the mini-cleaning auto function by switching off your printer
  • Regardless of inconsistent usage, ensure that the printer is used at least on a weekly basis to prevent the nozzle clogging with ink
  • Use the highest compatible quality cartridge post only if the original Epson cartridges are unavailable for purchase.

Epson printers are delicate and precise tools of the trade. If you feel uncertain to perform the above tasks at hand, or the product is under warranty, please ensure to contact your nearest Epson service center to aid your printing needs. For more update, contact our Epson customer service @ +1-844-487-1390.

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