Epson Connect Printer Setup

As one of the best printers supporting enterprises and businesses, Epson Printers are reputed for their reliability and longevity. With excellent print outputs and trustworthy functioning, Epson brings several models into the market for the users’ delight and satisfaction. Complete all your tasks faster and on diverse media types and sizes without having to switch over manually. A range of GIS and CAD applications can be printed out besides large infrastructure projects including geospatial mapping.

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  • You do not have to use the bundled Epson Net Setup to accomplish installation and updates
  • Connect the printing device through the cable LAN or a wireless and install the software to implement the Epson Printer Setup
  • Get a wireless access point if you are using the wireless network for setup, especially if you are using the Infrastructure Mode
  • The same SSID must be used between the printer and the computer through the access point to join the wireless LAN


  • Install all the required software such as the drivers before you use the printer
  • Also, for first-time configurations, the CD ROM containing a Software List or Easy Install can be used
  • You can also reach out to the Epson website for all software downloads and installations
  • When available use the Epson Network software and driver package, Printer Driver, Scanner Driver (EPSON Scan), and the Epson Network Utility (Windows only) to monitor the printer on a network
  • To manage/create a print port, use the EpsonNetPrint

Epson Printer Wireless Connection and Setup

Epson Printer Setup

Epson Printer Setup

  • Hold the necessary data such as the security level setting mode, the encryption key, and the SSID, together before you begin this step
  • For the SSID information, look for a sticker on the router or verify documentation provided by the ISP
  • The Security Level Mode refers to WEP-64bit (40bit) / WEP-64bit / WPA-PSK-TKIP so on and so forth
  • You may also want to check the documentation/information provided by the ISP to look for your passphrase

Setup Wizard

  • Turn on all access points and verify if communication is available before you begin the setup
  • Particularly, when you are modifying the settings on the Control Panel of the printing device, do not unplug or switch off the printer
  • Choose the Setup Mode by pressing either Setup or Home on the printer’s control panel and press OK

Note: if you are using the PX810FW, you do not have to press OK; instead just touch Setup on the Control Panel for the printing device to apply the instructions that appear

Choose the Left / Right arrow buttons -> highlight Network Settings ->Ok

  • Again, select Up / Down arrow buttons -> highlight Wireless LAN Setup ->OK ->SetupWizard ->OK
  • A warning message appears when you insert the memory card into the printer
  • Check the message and thereafter simply click on OK
  • Now, choose the displayed SSID that you wish to connect to and then type the security key
  • If a warning message appears and the printer is unable to recognize the SSID, then enter it manually
  • In the end, choose None to complete the Epson Printer Setup

Epson Printer Setup with Utility

  • Use the StartHere sheet to complete the wireless setup
  • For this go to Epson Support page -> Choose product name -> Manuals -> StartHere
  • Find the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility and download it after agreeing to the End-User agreement
  • Then click Next -> Install -> Finish -> choose your product -> PrinterRegistration -> Next -> Agree -> Next
  • A message stating Register a printer to Epson Connect will be displayed from where you just have to click on Next
  • Thereafter, fill the Create an Epson Connect Account -> Finish to create a new account
  • If you already have an account, then choose I already have an account -> Add a new Printer -> Add -> Close

Advanced Manual Setup

  • To accomplish Epson Printer Setup manually, enter the SetupMode by pressing Setup on the control panel of the printer
  • Go to Network Settings -> Wireless LAN setup -> OK -> Advanced Setup -> OK
  • Thereafter, choose Manual Setup or Manual Wireless LAN Setup -> OK -> OK again to establish connection
  • Connect to the wireless router -> go to Infrastructure Mode -> choose Search SSID
  • If you have to proceed with the manual steps, click on EnterSSID -> Down / Up arrow button to assign a character
  • Change between character sets by pressing on the Menu button

Our experts will clarify all your doubts pertaining to the Epson Printer Setup. Call them through the toll-free number +1-844-487-1390 or visit Epson customer service site.

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