Privacy Policy

The gist of privacy policies is all about the methods we are choosing in the collection of necessary data from the customers to offer the services. So, for the clarification, we recommend our users to understand all our privacy policies.

Data collection

We are collecting only the necessary information from the customers by means of email or through chat. The data are the concerned person name, email ID, card information and any other miscellaneous information needed to make the payment transaction. In case of any error solving, particular data related to the error reports are garnered. Therefore, if any need, we will collect the location data of the user.

Rules & regulations

Besides, we are strictly following the rules and regulations to put our maximum efforts to evade from the misuse or any kind of data tampering. We assure every user of our site that the collected data are kept in a secure way without any misuse. No data will be shared with anyone without prior notice to the users.

We are pouring out our maximum efforts to safeguard all our site information and user data from the third parties. And we recommend all our users not to follow any other third parties information on our site.


In the meantime, the purpose of launching the cookies on our site is to enhance the services only. Accepting the cookies is the sole desire of the user only. Subsequently, by enabling the cookies, the user can be able to get more effective solutions for all the searches on the site.

User responsibility

As our site has an increasing number of users, chances are there for the user to face third party ads or data. Please don’t follow any other data other than our site information. To unfollow our services and to unsubscribe any long term services, money refund, all the chargeback policies are applicable.