Terms and Conditions

All the mentioned terms and conditions are representing the requirements and legal relationship between the users and website authorities. Before availing our services, we recommend all our users to go through our terms and conditions carefully to avoid any misconceptions.

Our objective

In the first place, our only vision is to assist the users by delivering quality support and guidance to the customers for printer setup and troubleshooting random errors.

Privacy policies

The privacy policies are an important part of the terms & conditions. Thereby, it is very imperative for the users to get a complete overlook on the privacy policies. By going through these policies, you can get an overview of what are the methods that we are implementing to collect data and what kind of data from the customers for the services.

Copyrights and Trademarks

We are strictly following the copyright laws for all the furnished contents on our site. The contents are in a way to provide only the effective guidance for the users in handling the printers. Any misuse or plagiarizing our content is punishable one.

Judicial laws and regulation

The services are offered by following all the respective rules and regulations. We collect the data from customers in a secure way, and we don’t indulge in the misuse of any collected data. In case of any misuse of content or any other issues due to the user, then only we will provide the respective user data to the authorities. Also, this action will be only after mentioning to the user.

If any cause for the issue on site is found to be the third parties, we are not responsible for that misuse. All the changes in our terms and conditions are always mentioned in the updates. We advise all our users to cope with the updates while using our services.