Troubleshoot the Epson Printer Offline Issue

When you see an Epson Printer offline error, it means that your machine has lost connectivity to the Wi-Fi. Of course, the problem could be anywhere – either the computer, router, printer or the wireless network. You might want to initially check for printer nozzle consistencies, after which, if the device is still featuring the same issue, you could perform additional fixes. Reinstall the product software, restart your computer and much more to alleviate the issue.

Nozzle Check

  • The control panel on the Epson printer facilitates checking for blocked printhead nozzles
  • After placing some papers into the input tray, press arrow buttons and go to Setup -> Ok
  • Another screen displays a dropdown from where you choose Maintenance -> Ok -> Print Head Nozzle Check -> Ok
  • To begin printing just press Start and when you get the test page check for gaps in the pattern
  • If there are no gaps, then the print head nozzle is working just fine – here just press Finish -> Ok
  • When you see a faint print pattern with gaps then perform the print head nozzles cleaning process to address the Epson Printer Offline issue

Print Head Cleaning

Troubleshoot Epson Printer Offline Issue

Troubleshoot Epson Printer Offline Issue

  • From the control panel, go to Setup -> Ok -> from the drop down choose Maintenance -> Ok
  • Thereafter, scroll and choose Print Head Cleaning -> Ok and to begin the cleaning cycle, press on the Start button
  • You will see the power light on the printer flashing throughout the cleaning process
  • After the cleaning procedure is complete, the light is stable

Note: Users should not turn the printer off during the cleaning process

  • Run a nozzle check after pressing Ok – You can run the print head cleaning procedure for up to 4 times

Nozzle Checks Failed

  • If you do not see any variation in the output even now, then wait for at least 6 hours before you print
  • Finally, when you see no improvement, simply replace the ink cartridges
  • If you are unable to perform a nozzle check pattern, then an error message appears on the LCD
  • You might want to clear these errors before trying to print again
  • Invariably, the device does print with no Epson Printer Offline errors

Deleting Print Jobs

  • Sometimes, the print jobs in the queue can cause a blockage due to which you could experience the Epson Printer Offline issue
  • For this try deleting all the jobs pending in the print queue

Windows 10 and 8

  • On Windows 10 you just have to right click the Windows icon and on Windows 8, go to Start -> Right Click (on the screen itself) -> All
  • Then go to Control Panel -> select Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers
  • Right click printer product name -> See What’s Printing -> Right click particular stalled job -> Cancel -> Yes


  • If you are using the MAC OS 10.13.x, 10.12.x, OS X 10.11, 10.10 and 10.9 then you can do the following
  • Apple icon and menu -> System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners
  • To open the print queue, double-click on the printer product name
  • Then choose all the pending jobs that you wish to remove and click on the small X icon
  • When you are still unable to print or are facing the Epson printer offline error, then you may want to check your router settings

Initializing the router

Note: You must remember that the Wi-Fi icon should be displayed to perform this step

  • Reach out and remove the power cord out of the router, and before plugging it back in, just wait for a few seconds
  • After this, you may have to reconfigure your access point for connectivity across your devices including the printer
  • The Epson Printer Offline error is addressed here itself, if you can print a test page
  • Otherwise, just restart your computer device

Product Software

  • The product software is one of the most important requirements for smooth communication between the printer and computer
  • When you still encounter the Epson Printer Offline error, then remove and then install the product software once again
  • For this, the Wi-Fi settings on the product have to be reconfigured – you can do this from the control panel of the printer
  • Click Home -> Setup -> Restore Default Settings -> Yes -> Ok
  • Disconnect all the cables, and switch off the printer machine

Windows 8.x

  • Go to Apps -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall

Other Windows

  • Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Firewall
  • Stop all the firewall software and then go to Programs and Features to choose Uninstall or Change

For any doubts or troubleshooting requirements pertaining to the Epson Printer Offline error, reach out to our consultants @ +1-844-487-1390 or visit Epson customer service for some expert advice.

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